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‘Hobbit’ house will bring eco fame to Milton Keynes


An underground ‘Hobbit’ house is set to put Milton Keynes on the map by becoming one of the most unusual energy efficient homes.


The Earth House will be sculpted into the side of a hill at the edge of a forest in Bow Brickhill.


It will be completely carbon neutral, generating its own electricity from the sun, collecting heat from the soil and water from the ground .


But the eco plan has received a frosty reception from some villagers, who fear traffic chaos from trucks delivering the necessary building materials to the narrow London End Lane.


Bow Brickhill Parish Council chair Ann Sidgewick slammed the environment-saving scheme as “ridiculous”.


She accused the council of ignoring common sense in a bid to make MK seem “trendy.”


Development Control councillors gave the application final approval, despite the protests.


Committee chair Brian White said there were no reasonable grounds for refusal.


The go-ahead marks the end of seven years of planning for owner Frank Ainscow, who helped build one of the houses in the city’s famous FutureWorld project two decades ago.


He said: “This property is designed as a highly energy efficient, environmentally sustainable family home.


“We will be working extremely carefully to ensure construction impact is minimised and the home achieves all its design aims.


“All the necessary environmental measures will be taken to ensure this is a responsible build, and we are meeting every single one of the planning conditions that have been required since we first proposed this home

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"The beer brewer who gave up his job in the city to set up the first solar powered brewery.."


One beer brewer who gave up his job in the city is set to release the first ever beer brewed using solar energy as well as feature on the big screen.


Buck Star Brewery is the brain child of Datis Gol who after two-and-a-half-years of working at Barclays followed his passion and started up his own craft beer company in Stonebridge.


"It all started when I became curious about the difference between the lager you see in shops and that in bars and pubs with ales and proper beers." Said the 33 year-old.


"Understanding the difference between them two is what aroused curiosity in me and at the time I had left my job in London and returned to Milton Keynes which is my home town.


One of the key features of the brewing process is the fact that all its energy comes via solar panels on the roof which have been fitted by next door neighbor Envirolution.


He said: "We could be the first microbrewery working on solar panels, I am very eco conscious and I admire those business that take a sustainable view on their business and if you can do it than why not do it?


"There are also incentives, I know the government provide incentives for using solar panels because you get paid for the power you produce but we can use that energy free of charge.


Both the beer and owner are also set to feature in an upcoming film created by 2025 Films called 2025 where Datis plays a detective whilst the beer plays itself!

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